Muhammad Ibrahim Aziz
Rino Ilman Harindhana
X-Science 7

Ibrahim :"Hey Rin how are you today?"
Rino      :"Hey bro, i'm fine thank you and hoe about you?"
Ibrahim :"i'm also fine.what are you going to do tomorrow?"
Rino     :"i actually have no plan for tomorrow bro. what about you? what are you  going to do
              tomorrow bro?"
Ibrahim :"well, i also have no idea, thats why i'm asking you"
Rino     :"well, how about we go riding to Lembang?, are you down bro?"
Rino     :i'm down, i will ask Ajay to come okey."
Rino    :"okay that's perfect, by thw way did you know Ajay just bought a brand new
             Ducatti panigale 1199"
Ibrahim :"oh my god, let's meet in Ajay's house tomorrow, i want to see his motorcycle. "
Rino      :"okay see you there later,bye bro!"


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