Do you have a Bad experience?
this is my bad experience..

On that day,i woke up in the morning at 4,00 AM, and i go to bathroom,and i  brushing my teeth and i take a ablution and i go to doing prayer shubuh, after that  i go to school and i bring my bike at 6.00 AM and i also happies that day. but when i arrive in the school.i forget for the bring my wallet and i no have any money "Oh my got... i forget to bring the wallet!!". "are you bring any money" said andi. then i replied  "yes i not bring any money.. even though i have to buy some food for a lunch". then andi says "oh okey.. no problem Ibrahim i bring more and less money. will you borrow my money ibrahim..". until that i thinking to my self and i confrime andi "hey Andi okey rigth, now i borrow your money and i return it tomorow :)" and Andi says okeyy ibrahim


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