short story


 Ibrahim and Rino
 X-Science 7

 *Ibrahim was playing football with his friend, Rino was watching Ibrahim and his friend playing       football

Ibrahim  : "hey you!"

Rino       : "who? me?"

Ibrahim  : "yes, you, what are you doing?, you look like you're bored, do you want to play with us?"

Rino       : "yea! i'm in!"

Ibrahim  :come!, my name is ibrahim, you can call me Ibro"

Rino       : "i'm rino!"

Ibrahim  : " what's up rino where do you live?"

Rino       : "i just move here, my house is 5 blocks away from here, do you know the big house
                  near  the bridge? i live under the bridge.. how about you bro?"

Ibrahim   : "thats nice, i live in Gegerkalong girang, ok are we going to play or what?

Rino        : "yea let's go broo!"

*after they finish playing football

Rino        : " bro, is that your motorbike?

Ibrahim   : "yes, come, i'll take you home if you want!"

Rino        :"sweet, thank you ibro"




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